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We work with hotels and venues to increase your product offering and drive new revenue streams

Our games and activities are suitable for corporate meetings of all sizes. We also have a range of family and FIT activities.

We offer a full 360 automated sales and activities solution embedded on your website. We also offer full support directly to the clients.

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Team playing the Big Escape

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We create a custom sales solution which sits on your website and generates new revenues streams.

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We will create a cusomtised solution which sits on your website so clients can book.

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The Benefits

New Revenue Streams
Upsell to your existing clients
Automated Sales Solution
Embeddable Solution in your Website
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Increase your product offering with team building games & treasure hunts

Business Case

We spoke to 100 companies that run a lot of internal team activities
and this is the feedback we got

“Average cost for team activities range from €20 to €40 per person”
Buy a Bundle and save up to 80% on your team activity costs.
“Companies average 50% no show for activities but have paid in advance”
With Team Activities you only pay for signed in attendees.
“70% of all team activities have between 10 & 20 attendees”
No need for a Host for such small Groups. It is uneconomical for the event company and the corporate client
“Finance Departments spend huge amount of time and money reimbursing small activity expenses”
We sell Bundles of player Credits, so no need for constant PO's and credit cards expense sheets for your staff.

Cost Savings

Data based on 1,000 employees

€200k SAVINGS On Team Building costs
€160k REDUCTIONS In administrative hours
Team Activities Platform Cost for 250 employees €20k

Play Anywhere, Anytime

Play at home, play at the office, play outdoors

In Person
Maggie Bruk
Marketing & Design Manager, Shocklogic
We played "The Big Escape" with our whole company, and we absolutely loved it! Everyone showed some unexpected competitive spirit, and came out of the game closer to their teammates. The set-up was super easy, and gameplay was very user-friendly. We can't stop talking about how much fun we had, and we will definitely be checking out the other games soon.
Everyone loved The Big Escape, A lot of positive feedback looking forward to the next event.
Thank you so much for the event yesterday – all participants really enjoyed the Great Games Challenge!
Kerry Group
The feedback from the team was excellent and everyone really enjoyed it
Version 1
Everyone really enjoyed the Murder Mystery,  I got messages after the fact saying everyone really enjoyed the event and format, looking forward to more activities

Play Outdoors