Competitive, Team Based Hen Party Activity Ideas

Competitive, Team Based Hen Party Activity Ideas

An outdoor team game is a fun and exciting activity for a hen party. It combines elements of adventure and teamwork, making it a perfect way to bond with the bride-to-be and her closest friends. It also acts as a great icebreaker for part of the group who might not know everyone.

While there are some great outdoor adventure options they canbe quite expensive per person, especially if you have a small group. You cantry a range of options, from Axe throwing, Dublin Bay Cruises, Kayaking and Alpacatrekking.

Below we have listed two great hen party activity ideas thatare played in teams.

CSI -Save the Groom

A fantastic team detective game. Each team works with DetectiveDick Daley to track down the seedy wedding venue owner Lez Lizard who has kidnapped the groom.

The clues and riddles are presented on smartphones and there are great photo and video challenges. This game is a purpose built hen party activity and is really popular.

You meet characters (pre-recorded) who are all old friends of the groom who help you along the way.

Solve the puzzles and Save the Groom. There is an option todress up as Detectives in this hen activity.


Outdoor, City-Wide Escape Games

With an outdoor escape game, the theme and puzzles are setin an outdoor area, and players have to use their wits, creativity and skills to solve them.

The Big Escape sees teams work with Dan Rooney to pull off a classic Casino Heist. Teams of 4 players play with adventure game on smartphones.The clues are a mix of riddles, puzzles, and photo challenges that will leadthe teams to different locations throughout the town.

Both games have a live leader board, inter team chat andlots of great photo and video challenges. The hen gets a link to all the photos and videos created during the game which makes for a brilliant memento of thehen party.

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Michelle Hegarty
CSI Save the Groom
We had so much fun running around the city trying to save the groom. The bride really enjoyed the whole game from start to finish. Would highly recommend.
Laura Dunphy
The Big Escape
The Big Escape is our favourite event, we did it fist at a work do and then decided to have it as our hen party activity, highly recommend it.
Maeve Shields
Treasure Hunt
We did the Covent Garden Treasure Hunt and loved it. Great way for the group to mix and something in it for everyone.
Sharon Offenhauer
CSI Save The Groom
Loads of laughs and the bride to be loved it. We had great fun solving the puzzles around the city and messaging the other teams! (I hope nobody read them!). Thank you so much.
Rachel Higgins
CSI Save The Groom
It was fantastic. This was my 5th time as a bridesmaid and no hen party activity was as good as that!